SPARK Theatrical

Develops and produces new work that provides a lens into the human condition, exposing the complexities of identity, justice, and transformation. Through art, individual power is unleashed inspiring action to foster change.



SPARK encourages and supports artistic excellence. We nurture writers, directors, actors, and other stage artists to experiment and grow, to create impactful productions.  We not only manage the process - we invest in it - we invest in people - we build strong teams - we cultivate new ideas – thorough our meaningful partnerships with local, regional and national artists and theatres. We are not afraid to take artistic risks.  


SPARK Theatrical was founded with a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and access for all communities.  This commitment is evidenced in the plays developed as well as the team of people producing the work: from actors to designers, from directors to producers and from administrators to business professionals.

At SPARK we know:

Diverse perspectives deliver a range of human experiences

Truth, open dialogue, trust and respect build the foundational underpinnings for all endeavors

Community collaboration provides interdependence and powerful connections

There is no tolerance for anti-racism or marginalization by gender, ability, physicality, or age. Period.



An attorney by trade, Laurie founded Bernhard Solutions, specializing in strategic consulting for nonprofits before turning to theatrical producing. After completing the Commercial Theatre Institute’s (CTI) Producers’ Intensive at the O’Neill Center and other CTI programs, Laurie began developing and producing plays that address social impact and enrich audiences by encouraging dialogue and expanding perspectives.

She credits her producing career to Debbie Allen’s, FREEZE FRAME...Stop the Madness, a powerful production about gun violence and growing up in South Central LA, as Laurie’s inspiration for developing shows with hard hitting, challenging and timely subjects.  

Laurie serves on the Boards of  Ojai Playwrights Conference, NewYorkRep, as Producing Director NewYorkRep West, and Thunder River Theatre Company. Currently, she has multiple projects in development and production.



FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness

Theatrical Production
Kennedy Center


Spanish Prayer Book

World Premiere Theatrical Run
Los Angeles


The Shot

Public Staged Workshop
Santa Barbara
Filmed Virtual Staged Public Reading – National


Dreams of Emmitt Till

World Premiere
Filmed Virtual Staged Public Workshop – National

company logo

The Time It Takes For Light To Travel From My Mother

Industry Workshop
New York



Public Workshop
New York


Wolves at the Door

Public Reading
Los Angeles


Radio Round

Live Streamed - National

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